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Step 3: Course Production

Develop your course site by using Canvas and other instructional technologies to deploy engaging course content, facilitate communication, and assess learning in the online environment.

Using Canvas

If you're not already familiar with the learning management system used at FSU, visit Instructional Technologies and Media for tutorials, new features, information about workshops, and more.

Optimizing for Usability and Accessibility

Student satisfaction and ease of use is enhanced with an elegant site design that reduces dead ends, ambiguity, and unnecessary clicks. Furthermore, designing with accessibility for students with disabilities in mind has the added benefit of making the course site easier for everyone to use. See Design for Usability and Accessibility to learn more. You can find additional guidance in Chapter 10: Using Course Websites as Instructional Tools of Instruction at FSU: A Guide to Teaching & Learning PracticesYour ODL consultant can also help you simplify your site and make it accessible.

Incorporating Multimedia

See our Instructional Technologies and Media page for a complete list of multimedia resources for video, graphics, and presentations.

Communication and Engagement Strategies and Tools

Enhance student engagement with interactive tools freely available within your course site. For more information on setting up and managing discussion boards, chat, and groups to facilitate student interaction and empower them to communicate, see the Instructional Technologies and Media article.

Assessment and Evaluation Strategies and Tools

See the Robust Assessment article for more information on designing and administering assessments. For information on ODL's assessment and testing services, including proctored testing, visit the Assessment and Testing page on the ODL website. For technical help with tests, plagiarism detection, course assignments, and the grade center, see the Teaching with Canvas article.

Next step: Online Delivery

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