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Step 4: Online Delivery

Once your course site is ready, learn about making it available to students and identify helpful tips for enhancing the experience throughout the semester.

Make Sure Students Can Locate and Enroll in Your Course

The entry for an online course in myFSU Student Central's Curriculum Management subsystem is not the same as one for a face-to-face course. While you won't be doing the coding yourself, it's good to know what the sections are and what the coding means. Talk to your ODL consultant about this process to ensure that your department representative has the information needed to make your course available. 

Meet With Your Mentor(s)

Online teaching assistants, called mentors, are usually selected by your department from among available graduate students each term. The linked document suggests specific roles and can also be used as a worksheet to help you coordinate responsibilities with your mentor.

Next step: Feedback and Revision

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